Yvonne Venegas

b. 1970 in Mexico-USA
Lives and works in Mexico

San Pedro Garza Garcia is a municipality located in northern Mexico, part of the metropolitan area of Monterrey, in the state of Nuevo Leon and a close neighbour of the State of Texas. With only 150,000 citizens, it is considered to have the highest income per capita in the country, which led Yvonne Venegas to focus on the character of this society, one that saw beyond the desert land’s roughness and created its own possibilities.

Currently, the family fortunes of San Pedro Garza Garcia range in the hundreds of millions of US dollars, and a unique and complex social network has developed from this base, where the scales are intricate and made out of small differences that Venegas has worked hard to understand. People recognize the existence of a hierarchy where each level has not only to do with money but also with the respect that a person is capable of acquiring from his actions.

Yvonne Venegas sees San Pedro Garza Garcia as a social experiment that contains in itself a series of particular ingredients, but mainly it is a small and young place of privilege in a developing nation.© Yvonne Venegas